Computational Media! Javascript!ApI’s! Till the past week, these words have always made me feel out of place or made me go into in a trance.


I am completely new to this field of computational media. My aim is to combine interdisciplinary thinking within the realm of computation. I am a graphic designer and have always dreamt on creating realtime data visualisations. I would also like to work on Big Data and I wold like to create unique visual experiences through computing. I have always felt like a technically challenged person when it comes to coding and leaning programming languages. I am sure this course will help me discover interaction design in a completely new way.

Some of the works that I have appreciated are , , ,

These are mostly based on interactive art, data visualisations. This is something that I would love to work on and create in the next few months.

My first attempts at coding.

To be honest I have always been really skeptical about coding. This time I knew that I had resources around me and also the excellent p5.js library. Once I began exploring with the code I realised that this ain’t rocket science.

This is the outcome of the exercise performed in class. I loved the way Shawn explained the basis of coding by asking all of us to create something with simple shapes on the graph paper and then try to give simple instructions for the other person to replicate the same composition.

fullsizerenderscreen-shot-2016-09-15-at-1-36-39-am This is the composition that I created on graph paper and later tried on p5.js.


Our awesome residents helped us understand certain concepts and gave basic tips for using the p5.js editor. Post their tips I created this sketch. I tried to get an essence of the packman game through this little composition. I am exploring complex forms with new explorations in the coming week.


Here is the link to this sketch