I walked through the east village on an afternoon listening to the track on the Passing Stranger (East Village Poetry Walk). As I turned the sound piece on a felt myself teleported to a land of poetry and divine readings. I felt I was in a completely different age.

img_3563  img_3569

The entire tour was broken down into various interesting stories. The 2 miles walk got me engrossed in the Rise of the poetry and the dramatic lives of the poets.

The tour began with the St. Marks Church. I got engrossed in the story and had an adrenalin rush imagining Kenneth Koch’s story at the graveyard.

Listening to the rising politics of the poets created a feeling of tension while walking down the street.


The fact that I travelled by myself made this tour even more interesting and personalised. I felt all these new secrets are getting revealed in my ears. The poetical recitations added a unique flavour of experiencing the culture. The audio was so powerful that I could visualise the entire experience in front of my eyes.

The ordinary street suddenly turned into a culturally rich and influential environment. I began observing the architecture and could see the old relics. Through all these years the east village has still managed to preserve their culture.

The different kinds of music generated a multi sensory experience. The village poppy music at one point of time gave me a feeling of accomplishment. I have established a new fondness toward the east village. I also appreciated the small visual cues in the audio such as the footsteps, hushing and whispering sounds while giving directions to the tour. The entire street had a warm colour scheme and I could feel the warmth through the recitals of the poets.

Through all these micro pleasant experiences, a completely new world came into existence.