Different labs were carried out to understand the following concepts

  1. Setting up a breadboard
  2. Setting up a basic LED circuit
  3. Setting up LED’s in Parallel and series
  4. Generating a variable voltage with a potentiometer
  5. Switches in series & parallel
  6. Switching a DC Motor


Setting up the breadboard


Setting up a Light Emitting Diode


Setting up LED’s in

thumb_img_3797_1024 thumb_img_3799_1024

Setting up a switch and LED

thumb_img_3802_1024 thumb_img_3803_1024

Setting up a switch with the LED’s in series

thumb_img_3808_1024 thumb_img_3809_1024

Setting up a switch with the LED’s in series

Setting up Switches in Parallel

thumb_img_3814_1024 thumb_img_3815_1024

Generating a Variable Voltage with a Potentiometer


Switching a motor