The focus for the ICM and Pcomp synthesis was designing a physical variable. Combining ICM and Arduino was really exciting!

First we tried out the analog series example with a potentiometer. Later we tried to control a variable with the switch using the code for reading digital value.

Later we were supposed to control our own physical variable sketch. I was paired with Alex Fast for the project. We decided to control a single variable in the sketch and control its value with a physical sensor.


Alex had a really cool p5 sketch.On clicking the baseball with the mouse in a defined x and y definition the baseball can be hit and we can hear cheering noise once the ball hits home run.

We decided to control the baseball and become the “pitcher” in the game using the switch and the Digital Read Serial arduino sketch.We figured out how to write the code in p5js with some help from Kat. It was interesting to interact with the sketch as one had to click the button with one hand to get the baseball on the screen and then control the baseball with the computer mouse to hit the home run. The cheering noise of the ball hitting the home run was encouraging!

It was fun writing the code and trying to figure out how to make the physical variable work.