My final project aim is to gather ambient data from the sensors around the plant and create a realtime

Sensor data to node.js

I am working in collaboration with Jasmine for my pcomp project.

Our goal was to save sensor data to a database so the first piece of this was getting the serial lab related to this to work. She successfully got the moisture and microphone data and Co2 sensor into the browser. She also figured to write the code that sends the data to an MongoDB database ( using an MLab account), and serve it as an API. I was simultaneously working on the visualization of the data on p5.js.

This is how reading the sensor values an sending data to the database looks like.


We have our API page which collects data after every second.

I learnt immensely from this project.

I created a visualization of the plant ambient data which includes noise,The following sketch appears on the screen which is a realtime visualization of the ambient data around the plant.



We plan to have a slider on the plant and the user can interact with this slider to see the historical data of the ambient data. The ambient data includes – CO2 sensors , microphone and the soil moisture data.

Here is a glimpse of how our responsive plant interaction looks like.