The first skill builder was using a hand router to create a semicircular shape. I worked in collaboration with Jackie and we helped each other achieve the desired shape.

This is the piece of scrap wood I used for the assignment.

Here is an image of the tools used for this skill builder.

The first step was attaching the router bit. We unplugged the router first and then inserted the router bit into the collet to the proper depth, and tighten the collet nut using the wrench. I took a bit of time trying to figure out how to lock the spindle, before tightening with the wrench.

The next step was fixing the circle jig and the center pin.

We then placed the wooden peg in the 1/4″ center hole, and place the second hole of the circle jig . We used the CNC router as the based and screwed our wooden piece on to the base. We then began spinning the router.


While working I once tried using the hand router anti-clockwise and realized that this is not the right way to do so. We also burnt the wood a bit but then got an idea of the settings for the router bit. We could cut the circular part in 5-6 go-s.

It was tricky to determine the distance from the edge of the router base to the inside of the router bit as well as the edge of the base to the outside of the bit as the piece of wood I was using was very small and was difficult to attach wooden pieces for reference. I then screwed 2 pieces of wood to the base to cut the straight line.

It was much easier to cut the straight line with the hand router. This was the final achieved shape.