The challenge was to design a physical object that can sit on a desk that allows a user to count up or down. The target audience is someone who wants to keep a numeric tally and have a physical reminder of their progress to display for themselves and others on their desk.

I wanted to challenge myself to build a device that doesn’t require electricity or buttons, that actually works and that is intuitive.

I wanted to focus on the experience created for Rachel – who finds her life boring and lives for her vacation.

This game was my source of inspiration. It picks up random balls which have answers to your questions.


My idea was to create something that gave visual feedback, and you can count up by moving the memory balls to your target which is your vacation.that you could have a visual reference of your progress. This can give the user a visual reference of the number of days left. To count down the user can remove the balls from the stick. I am treating these counting balls as memory balls. The user can write memories – past or present on the balls and this can be a motivating factor for Rachel to work hard in office. The user can have a lot of these memory balls which can be stored in a treasure like container. The user can choose which memory balls to use every time while setting a destination.

This is how the rough prototype looks like. The user can set their current present state by putting a photo and few notes on it. The end destination can be set so that the user gets a reference point while counting days left for this vacation to begin. I also thought of having numbers or visually marked numbers to see the number of balls moved up or down.

This concept was inspired from Abacus an ancient technique used in mathematics.