The next assignment was prototyping and creating a screen based/mobile version of the counting device.

I first started with some rough sketches , trying to map the flow of a generic counter application. Then I proceeded with creating the wireframes for the application and detailing out the interactions.

For the app experience what I want to focus on is firstly the ease of setting one or multiple reminders on the same application.

The second point is giving a visual reference and feedback to the user while experiencing the countdown. I was trying to think how to get the essence of abacus in the application. Also, Personalization of the user’s goal: the top bar where users could write down their personal and unique objectives, post videos or photos to motivate them with the action of counting and get a visual reference of how many days left.

  • In the first screen , the user will get a summary of the goals set and a visual reference of where these goals are at the current moment.
  • The user can click on add goal – to add new goals.
  • The next task is setting a goal. I tried to implement a simple workflow where the user starts on deciding whether to automate the counting process or do it manually.
  • On clicking on the set goals on the home screen – the user can view the details of the goal set and coun up or down manually if the manually count option is selected
  • Lastly – the Dashboard will have other actions such as information on the application and sharing the goal information on social media.

A mobile prototype was created for user testing. I still need to conduct the user testing and get reviews.