I was pretty comfortable making parts with the CNC router, I thought of putting them together into assemblies and projects. I never thought that making one joinery would take me close to three hours! Me and Jackie decided to work together on T joints.


We started working with our first experiment. We found illustrator comfortable to use and decided to go ahead with it. We measured the thickness of the plywood wooden piece and decided to go ahead with it.

We measured the exact dimensions needed to make the T joints. We double checked on the dimensions again and then decided to proceed. We were very sure that the T joint would work perfectly!


We went wrong in some calculations or setting the origin because the drill bit did not cut completely through the wooden piece. We had to scrape out the piece from wood. Also the T joint won’t fit at all.

Then we went ahead with our second trial. We took the measurements properly and decided that we had to reduce the joint that fits. We managed to fit the second joint but it would not come out! I remember the example of the Japanese joints shown by Ben in the class. We had a bit of satisfaction as the joint fit but was not perfect and would not come out.

We then went with couple more trials with another type of T joint and managed to get another fit joint which won’t come out! Finally in our fifth try we manages to make the T joint that fits perfectly.