For the CNC assignment I decided to design a nameplate for my parents for our apartment in India. I’ve wanted to do this since a while. I wanted the design to be simple and put my family name ” Joshi” and have the natural wooden colours stand elegantly in the design. I used 0.745 inches thick plywood for the assignment. I also used a thin sheet of wood ( material unknown) and polished it to get a darker brown and put it behind the cut letters.

I used Illustrator to create the vector and exported it as a dwg file. Then I created pockets and contours on CAD CAM. I did not put the dimensions for the depth cut and ended up cutting the whole board.

The second job went on smoothly. I rechecked adjusted the CAD CAM file. Also the CNC would not work for a very long time. I then rebooted the entire system and then it worked fine.

I then took the thin sheet of wood and applied wood polish on it. The darker wooden colour made the wooden textures visible. I also applied the wood polish on the outer frameĀ of the name plate to add a different shade of brown. I then used a sanding paper to smoothen the rough edges.

Lessons learnt –

  1. I made a stupid mistake and put the depth for the pocket job incorrectly. I cut the entire piece of wood and panicked.
  2. The plywood was uneven so I had to drill a lot of screws and the plywood still came out of the spoil board many times causing a of of inconvenience
  3. I learnt how to apply wood polish and glue pieces of wood and finish the edges with sandpaper to give the product a finished look.