I decided to proceed with my counter application for and created a prototype on invision. Here are the screenshots of the application after getting the visual design in place and detailing out the screen flows. The prototype can be found on this link https://projects.invisionapp.com/d/main#/console/10412758/221390104/preview#project_console



Counter from Swapna Joshi on Vimeo.

I conducted a user texting and had a rough script in mind before conducting the testing.

This is an application that helps you count up/down. It is a counter to keep note of different daily activities/reminders such as setting a reminder for coffee, days left for your next vacation, upcoming birthdays etc. What is the primary action you think would the user want to perform after coming to this page?

You should be able to –

  1. Add a new goal
  2. View a current activity with its details – count up or down in it
  3. Edit or delete the current activity


These were the different insights received on conducting the user testing

User 1

  1. While adding a new goal – all icons could be slightly bigger. The primary action is choosing the unit and putting in a number. The screen flow could then follow. Make the entire process simpler by having lesser options and text fields.
  2. The landing page is communicating everything clearly. The user can set priorities for the different activities and mark them as important. The daily activities could be filtered.
  3. The interactions for edit and delete were pretty clear.

User 2

  1. Add a new goal could come at the top right corner. The functionality of count automatically manually was not clear. The iconography is very clear and appropriate.
  2. When you view details for a particular activity the primary information is number  which could appear larger font that informs you what’s important.
  3. Edit and delete appear on the extreme right corner and the add button could follow the consistency and could be placed on the top right corner on the landing page as well.

User 3

  1. Put in the title was the first action … instead of a dropdown …count manually+count manually
  2. Viewing an activity – fine – save aut
  3. Edit and delete were those actions clear …add note

User 4

  1. While adding a new goal – the unit could linked to manual and automatic counting as the user would like to count daily activities manually versus vacation dates could be put automatically.
  2. There could be a swipe interaction for viewing the activity.
  3. I couldn’t find the edit and delete functionality as I did not expect it to be at the top right corner. It could be placed at the bottom as it is not a frequently performed action.

User 5

  1. You can make the title bigger – something similar to a google calendar. Count manually and automatically functionality was not clear to me in the beginning.
  2. Count up /down could be huge buttons. The edit and delete buttons are placed too close to each other and I might accidentally delete it. The count up and count down button placement could be flipped.