This week, we were introduced to the lathe, learnt the basics of spindle turning techniques, and became familiar with turning chisels. I was a bit apprehensive about working with the machine. I started off nervous but the entire experience of working with the lathe was satisfying and enjoyable.


The first step was mounting the material. I learnt how to change the Drive Center or Spur. I was not confident to use the bark of tree which we were given in class so I started of using a small piece of cut wood. I realized in some time that I should have used a hardwood species (walnut, cherry, or maple).

I then secured the material to the lathe and spent a lot of time in mounting the material between the drive center and the live center, then securing and tightening both locks on the tail stock.


I eventually got comfortable with the spindle turning. The entire process was very time consuming and exhausting though. I first wanted to transform my wooden piece into a smooth cylinder which took me about an hour. The next step was exploring how to make controlled curves on the surface.

I finished by using the sandpaper on the spindle and was really happy with the results post sanding. I also want to use the parting tool next time and plan and create something on the lathe.