We were supposed to create a functional foosball player using the lathe. The concept sounded really fun and I was all pumped up and exited to make the little figuring.

The first step was to figure out the material to be used. I had found a piece of wood in the scrap which is probably birch. I started turning the material on the wooden lathe.  I then used the 5/8th drill bit to create the holes in my wooden player. I started with the smallest bit and eventually reached up to the 5/8th bit to make a bigger hole. I figured that I should have used the V shape on the drill press as the holes that I created were not perpendicular.

So I decided to use my firewood for the Foosball player. I worked with Rita and Nathan and we spent a lot of time in creating our custom jig.

I then wanted to use this jig on my new piece of wood. I cut the firewood into half and took it to the lathe to turn.  Both the pieces of firewood broke apart and I was frustrated to take pictures of the pieces.

I decided to proceed with my previous piece of birch wood and turned it into a Foosball player. I then used the sanding machine to sand the bottom most part of the player which will be used to hit the ball. I then waxed the Foosball player and was pretty satisfied with the outcome.

It was fun to assemble the little players on the Foosball board and then play the game. I learnt about precision, measurement and moulding wooden pieces through this assignment.