For this week we explored the 4 axis mill. I had never used Vectorworks before so it took me a lot of time to figure out how to make simple extruded and joined irregular shapes in the software. I created the shape and exported it as a stl file.

The material that I planned to use was Delrin. The dimensions of the material were 5.8” in Y , 3” in X and 1” Z   

I then uploaded my model on the Roland Viewer and went through the software options. I learnt a lot about resizing my work and then reorienting my model.

The next steps were selecting the type of milling and then creating the tool path. Preping the material was another important task and I learn how to set the Y axis by drilling the piece on one side and then securing it in the “chuck” and a live center using an Allen wrench. I then adjusted the X and Z axis and went ahead with the cutting job. The bit took ages to come in contact with the Z-Origin Sensor, and set Z. I tried to adjust it manually but it did not work. I did not secure the bit properly in the spindle and hence failed twice to get proper results. After tightening the bit I got proper results. The end result was not what I expected to be but was decent.