For this week we explored the 4 axis mill.  I have always been curious to work on Solid Works. Nitish helped me with this software and I decided to mill a wooden doll. I wanted to experiment by milling both the sides of the surface.

The material that I used was Poplar. The dimensions of the material were 1.7 ” thickness , X 2.5″ and Y 6.5″

I then uploaded my model on the Roland Viewer and went through the software options. I went through the entire process of  resizing my work and reorienting my model pretty smoothly.

The next steps were selecting the type of milling and then creating the tool path. I then prepped the material and set X and Z axis followed by The job took around an hour and 15 minutes to cut. I also selected the better finished cut option in the type of milling as I was curious to see a well finished product with essential details.

I was extremely happy with the end result and used sandpaper to get a better finish. I decided not to remove the doll from the enclosure for now . I then applied a clear gloss wood polish on the wood and the grains and different shades of wood look interesting.