I had designed a card game for the course Avant Garde Procedural Art this semester and I decided to design card holders and accessories for the game . The game is called as deliberation and is an experience between the 3 parts of the human personality – the id, ego and superego (Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical theory). The super ego is the internalized ideals , behaves morally. The ego – conscious decision maker  and the id – immediate gratification of needs – psychic energy

I decided to design 3 card holders for the id  ,ego  and superego  and had planned earlier one making one more stand to keep the scenario and character ability cards.
First I wanted to have a head which defines human personality for each of the three card holders.  I tried to symbolize the nature of these characters by differentiating the heads with different shades of wood.  I decided to use poplar wood to mill the 3 heads. For the stand I decided to use a rod and firewood for the base.
Here is the 3D Model of my head file.
It took me almost 2 hours to mill every head from the poplar wood. I was happy with the results. I milled a bigger head for the superego and I did not use correctly sized tabs for this piece. As a result my piece fly of after milling one side. The steps that this process created on the wood was really interesting and after cutting the tabs and sanding the piece, I was very happy with the finished head. Here are some steps from my process. Cutting the tabs without destroying my piece and using the sand belt carefully was a critical part in my process.
I then applied wood polish on two of the heads. The next step was drilling holes and creating the slits for the card holders.
I created the slits for the card holders using a hand saw as I was unable to get control over the piece while using the band saw. The next and last step was assembling the heads on the stand and putting my designed cards in the card holder!