Fo the first week’s assignment we had to create an animation, using any tool and/or technique (frame-by-frame, 2d, 3d, pixelation, claymation, computer-based, etc)

The only rules were:

1: the GIF should be something that represents you, it could be your name, your favorite animal or any element that makes you feel great.

2: format: GIF length: ~2-3 seconds @ 15-30 (frames per second)

I have always been fascinated by Icebergs that float in salt water formed by calving, or splitting, glaciers. The movement of the water with these icebergs is beautiful. I have aways loved ducks since my childhood.

I decided to combine these elements to create my animation.

Techniques: I used After effects to create the animation and then converted the video into a GIF on Giphy.

Click here for a better resolution of the GIF