For next week assignment we were asked to explore a narrative while using image recognition and targets.

I started creating a scene  a scene on unity and tried following the simple tutorial on image target. My unity gave me errors and I spent an entire day trying to Augment a simple pattern. I reinstalled my Unity application and then managed to augment a pattern.

I had a lot of ideas of creating narratives and elaborate scenes but had to settle down with a simple concept for this week . I decided to recreate a fact that I read which says ” Every 40 seconds, someone in the world dies by Suicide” I also learnt how to build a unity scene for IOS and followed steps of setting a developer account with the NYU ITP account, building and running the unity app, exporting to X code(which failed 100 times in the beginning) and then building an app for IOS.


This is my final outcome for this week but I would like to improve the walking cycle and add more effects such as appearance of a pool of blood once the person falls down.