Discovery of a new planet : People can reside on this planet in the future

Newly discovered nearby planet could support life as it has ideal oxygen contents.  Scientists have discovered a new Earth-sized, possibly habitable, planet just 11 light years away.

Known as Ross 128b, the newly discovered planet orbits a life-friendly red dwarf star that is an estimated seven billion years old.

–  11 light years (1 light year = 5.88trillion miles) away, planets are likely to have an atmosphere and possibly support life, it’s not likely to be a place for humans to live as it orbits a much younger, more powerful red dwarf star that is likely roasting the planet into an inferno, generations of people will be born on the spaceship if people decide to travel and reside on this planet.

Impact of society , belief systems

The aim of my project: Critique an aspect of data culture

Data Processing
■ How is data cleaned, stored and potentially omitted?

Data Querying
■ How is data analyzed, what stories does it contain?

Get the news data into context. Humanize the data so that it is consumable by people trying to understand a concept. Helping the reader get a context to the news and understand it better.

My concept:

  • An interactive visualization – where the user can see the earth and Ross128 close to each other.
  • The user will be prompted to try to reach the new planet.
  • While trying to do the different difficulties and possibilities of the problems that might rise will appear.


  • Reveals the difficulties – tracery story – context free grammar
  • Use tracery to put together a bunch of possibilities
  • Leap motion for gesture based interaction