For my data art project, I want to critique on the data-driven culture of Surveillance, privacy related to digital assistants. In the quest to make our digital lives more convenient, our digital assistants have a access to a lot of our private information which can be misused and lead to a dystopian world. It’s hard to deliver convenience without sacrificing privacy and security. I want to make people uncomfortable and aware of this fact through my project.
Form : Interactive piece – conversation with alexa 
I want create a conversation between Alexa and the user – where the user asks questions which he asks as a routine to Alexa – and Alexa gives unusual and shocking responses that suggest that the digital assistant has a lot of access to your private information. I also want to create a digital poster/ web interactive version which will include the questions asked,  and the responses given – expected vs given responses. The aesthetic style of the poster will be inspired from the hyperreality concept as illustrated by Keiichi Matsuda
Data that I’m going to use : I have started collecting questions I ask Alexa (I have an echo dot) on a daily basis and the answers that I get as a response from Alexa – I’m also collecting random personal conversations that I have in my apartment in the presence of Alexa and have made up a lot of ridiculous answers from my personal conversations.
 Presentation :