For my thesis I intend to design a framework using technology for teachers and elementary students that promotes deeper engagement and helps students visualize and comprehend the chemistry concepts better.

Keeping in mind my wide thesis topic – for this assignment I decided to explore how a chemical reaction could be explained in a different way by giving the elements a character.

The button here is the sodium element which is very reactive and chlorine is comparatively less reactive. The jumpy sodium button is very active and quickly gives a result. When it comes in the vicinity of chlorine, it reacts almost instantly and forms sodium chloride that is salt. I also tried to demonstrate that the reaction is combination reaction and no external factor is required to trigger the reaction.

I used invision to create a hotspot for my button and link it to the next animation. I designed the characters for sodium and chlorine. The salt is a free vector taken from

 Clicking on the sodium atom takes the user to the second gif. link to the prototype  – link2(it does not work most of the times I’m trying to resolve this issue)

Here is a screen recording of the interaction: Click on the sodium atom to initiate the reaction.


Here are the 2 gif’s I created on after effects.