For my final project I want make a chemistry game for 6th graders. There will be a periodic table chart where each element is represented like a character on the wall. Physical cards Рeach card represents an element on the periodic table. Projection mapping on the cards that reveals layers of information like electronic configuration and structure of the atom.

The elements can be removed from the periodic table and act as markers. When put together they form different compounds. I will use augmented reality to reveal the compound reaction where sharing or give and take of electrons will take place to form a chemical reaction.

The electronic configuration of the element will be seen upfront and each element will be represented as a physical object and will have a character associated with it depending on its reactivity.

Elements from the periodic table will keep disappearing as optimised chemical reactions are made.

I still have a lot of questions to answer for my thesis that is: Table setup for AR? how to show the cards in front of the projector to reveal something?

How to implement the housie/bingo game along with this interaction.