I started by creating playful  animations to help the kids understand the chemistry concepts such as electronic configuration of  elements, formation of compounds and ionic and covalent bonds formed between elements which are generally taught drawing diagrams on the blackboard and using ball and stick figures .

I decided to create a mobile/i pad game for 6th graders to understand formation of compounds by interacting with the electronic configurations of different elements and forming ionic and covalent bonds in the process.

I then designed the screens on Illustrator and then and animated the  the onboarding screens for a mobile/Ipad game called compounds in after effects.

The user can tap on two elements to form a compound. I have created the whole onboarding tutorial animation for the game in detail which will explain the game mechanics.

I used Invision to create a clickable prototype of the onboarding screens:


 Here are the animations:
I intend to add more interactions to the screen where the user taps on elements and can see the elements selected to proceed.